Conversation Killer

IMPORTANT NOTE: Conversation Killer 0.3.0 is incompatible with Movable Type 3.2; Six Apart has deprecated support for closing comments, and you are urged to avail yourself of MT 3.2's improved comment management tools instead. Please do not use Conversation Killer with MT 3.2.

Conversation Killer configuration screen Conversation Killer is a plugin for Movable Type 3.1 that automatically closes comments and TrackBacks on older entries; this potentially lowers the amount of spam that your weblog receives.

Conversation Killer differs from similar solutions by providing a configuration interface that allows each user of a Movable Type system to configure automatic comment closure on a per-weblog basis. Since it doesn't directly execute SQL statements, Conversation Killer also shouldn't require your Movable Type system to use a specific database type. Hooray!


not yet implemented

known issues


If you are already running MT-Blacklist 2.0 or above, then you should be able to run Conversation Killer.


I don't know, but it's free. I'll probably distribute Conversation Killer under the Open Software License 2.1, simply because CK includes a small amount of code from MT-Notifier, and MT-Notifier uses the OSL.


Remember that Conversation Killer is ALPHA quality software. It works well for me and my friends, but I make no guarantees.


Thanks to the authors of MT-Blacklist, MT-Notifier, Real Comment Throttle, and Movable Type.

Special thanks to Phil Ringnalda for his extremely helpful suggestions and code!


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