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holiday update

so if anyone is wondering where i disappeared to, i've been working in the music department of a barnes and noble for about a month now. i owe many of you apologies for my complete radio silence and a general lack of careful attention. but please forgive a small period of adjustment after a long, ill-tempered estivation. i am pleasantly exhausted.

i like this job. i like my co-workers. my manager is friendly and appreciative of my efforts. nobody finds the concept of reading as leisure activity unusual. customers are customers, but i also like the challenge of having to interact with strangers without employing my usual meowmix dada of rambling counterfactuals and topic-free trivia. and even though it is somewhat clumsily applied, i have the reassurance of secret knowledge... i'm behind the counter.

secure in the nontrivial complexity of our store's operational guidelines, i can tie up my stupid thinking by going through the motions and skim all feverish imaginings cleanly off the top. it's a retail education with theraputic value. of course, the holiday season is upon us.

cherry's christmas display

around midnight the other night after work i was standing in the front yard, pleasantly exhausted, enjoying the north wind and the nice crunchy sound of walking through the leaves. i couldn't help but notice my neighbor's new christmas display. bright multicolors, glowing plastic snowman, and best of all two electric topiary reindeer. simple wire frames, invisible during the day but festooned with white lights and motors that make them repeat simple, iconic reindeer motions forever into the night. i also happened to be testing my new ipod, listening to the aphex twin's selected ambient works 2. completely plugged into the cool electric christmas dream. i think this photograph captures the moment perfectly.

-December 10, 2004 02:39 AM