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saturday night is danseparc, so i hosed myself off, put on a clean t-shirt and got down there. but wait... it's actually danseparc-slash-numbers halloween party tonight. and things seem to be weighted about 5% danseparc and 95% numbers halloween party.

there were some great costumes... devo acolytes, a fully realized werewolf, two girls as a pair of dice. this being numbers, there were also a lot of goths. while i assume for most of them everyday is halloween, for at least a few halloween was probably only today.

the idea of modern halloween celebrations involving doing what you normally do except in a costume kind of troubles me (especially when we're having weather like it was the middle of june), but i'm not clear on what the proper thing to do would be anyway. and on a crowded dancefloor it is pretty neat to see a snarling wolf mask in the flash of strobe light, and people with wings. my costume? my new montreal expos t-shirt... a newly undead baseball team.

so the evening had potential, but it was not to be. after less than an hour i got quickly tired of allison disrespecting me for no reason at all, so i left. i realize this sounds a bit funny coming from me. i can take all kinds of abuse, but being abused in public by a friend who flatters me in private really fucks me off. so i did.

at home was my new copy of rollercoaster tycoon 3, which i happily lost myself in for a few hours. now i'm thinking maybe it's just been a really stressful week for everybody. the weather is rotten, the politics are rotten, the mental health is rotten.

of course the forecast for election day is a change in the weather. i like the symbolism. i finally got a job, too. starting next weekend. not a career type job, just retail, but i like having been interviewed and found myself wanted instead of wanting after all these years. a lot of curses being broken lately... let's hope for a hat trick on tuesday.

-October 31, 2004 03:04 AM