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gadding about

on my own in oxford this morning. dad just left for london to return to the US. spent the past week in leeds visiting family, and actually spent more time with them in the past five days than i have in the past twenty years. my various cousins, aunts and uncles are quite fun to hang out with. and it's always nice to walk over to a nearby pub that's been in business longer than your own country has existed.

monday of course was grandma's funeral, followed by the scattering of the ashes tuesday morning. a representative from the humanist society gave what to me was a somewhat surreal eulogy with quotes from bertrand russell and musings on the small likelihood of an afterlife. surreal mainly because i have become accustomed to having a certain detachment at formal events because my personal beliefs are generally totally inapplicable in such situations. i was i think shocked to agree so completely with an appointed speaker. of course there were other things, like neil diamond being played during the moment of reflection and the crash course in the greater eccentricities of grandma i received while various family members shared fond memories.

and then to the lord darcy for drinks and fond reminiscing. and drinks.

i have extended my trip to october 5th so that i can catch the clientele in london just before returning in time for the beach house weekend. julian cope (finally!) is tonight here in oxford and i'm going to attempt james yorkston in peterborough next friday. in the meantime, i cannot decide whether i should stay here in oxford, a town which suits me very well, or try for three or four days at a B&B in tavistock so i can range the tors of dartmoor cracking pensively at my lollipop.

-September 25, 2004 04:23 AM