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it's greenwich mean time

i had a lovely stealth trip to austin the past couple days to see an evening with siouxsie and shop for quality chess sets, although the personal highlight for me was guessing the movie quote at amy's ice cream for a free crush'n. i didn't really even order any ice cream, so the free crush'n went to the people in line behind me, but the quote was "you forgot to hook up the doll."

i wish trivia was a more widely accepted currency.

speaking of currency, the english pound is currently worth $1.79. speaking of current, in the united kingdom the current is 240 volts AC at 50hz. a physical plug adapter for an ipod charger is $4.99, or £2.88. for the next two weeks, more interesting trivia will be delivered to select audience members via postcard from greenwich mean time. in the meantime, remember to appréciez la vie, et faites les choses pour lesquelles vous normalment manquez de temps.

-September 17, 2004 12:42 AM