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now with 25% more tree

this is a picture of my backyard from this afternoon. if you aren't familiar with how it normally looks, it may not be immediately apparent that there's a fallen tree in it. my dad and me missed the action because we were staring out the front window discussing the unusually strong gust of wind and what was that noise?

when a tree falls in the suburbs even if there is someone there to hear it, it hardly makes any noise at all. this one didn't anyway. just a soft crack and a kind of a fssssshting that didn't even wake up the cats. although not as exciting as it would have been had it fallen on the house, it was still an emotional moment. i take after my father in landscape preferences and we both enjoy coming across a fallen tree in the forest, but it's sad when trees fall down.

later the neighbor came over and apologized. sorry about the tree. i like to think an apology in this situation is something an artificial intelligence would have a lot of difficulty grasping, and so i was pleased to be alive and able to intuitively comprehend. and to not be smashed by a tree.

in other news, i went to danseparc tonight and had a nice time. although my stomach hurt because i poured too much alcohol in it and then tried to tamp it down by eating french fries during the drive home. that didn't work. a girl on the dancefloor told me she liked my hairstyle. i told her i didn't think i had one. i think until you pay more than $20 for it, it's just a haircut. i walked her to her car later and there was a guy passed out in it. i said be careful, you can get arrested for that.

apologies for fallen trees are easier to accept graciously than complements.

-August 29, 2004 04:56 AM