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spent the afternoon at an office park doing transcription. i signed a confidentiality agreement so i cannot provide much detail, but i can tell you that it was hours of poorly enunciated and passive-aggressive managerial newspeak. however the computer i was working at had a bowl of jolly ranchers next to it. now i am home and pleasantly exhausted. i go back tomorrow at seven though.

my plans for the evening involve drinking perrier with a twist of lemon (or possibly lime, i haven't decided yet) and reading 4B goes wild. this is a children's book. here's an excerpt:

"OK, you guys," Mr. Star explained, "there are four kinds of prey in this game: scrapers, lights, rattlers and roses. As soon as one rattler finds another rattler, one rose another rose, and so forth, both are safe." Mr. Star went on. "When you've found another creature like you, move close to a wall and sit down out of everybody's way. You are the prey." That was me- a rattler.

"OK, but four of you out there are wearing black T-shirts. You are the predators, out for your evening meal. One of you eats only the rose creatures, and so forth. When you predators meet one of your prey, tap him- or her- on the shoulder, say Zap! in his ear-"

"Or hers," Molly said. "And you've made your kill."


In the total dark and almost total silence, we mixed ourselves up in the room, like shuffled cards. Some kids, you could tell, were holding on to each other, cheating.

"Predators, I hope you're ready," Mr. Star announced from over near the door. "Your prey are about to start roaming through the night woods. I'm going to give you sixty seconds in the dark." He turned a penlight on his wristwatch. "Ready, set, go!"

We whirled around, sniffing, shaking, scraping and blinking. I caught onto somebody who rattled at me. It was Marshall, and we collapsed near the fireplace, glad not to be eaten.

this is essentially my view of love and romance. of course i never went to camp myself.

-August 24, 2004 09:11 PM